George Ezra

Looks can be deceiving. George Ezra is a reminder of that. You would never match his face to his voice. Young, blonde and fresh-faced to wise, dark and gravelly. Its the sort of voice that feels like it should be coming from a bearded lumberjack rather than a 19 year old from Bristol. Does that make his music any more impressive? It doesn’t need to. Its bloody good as it is.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Ezras voice is just how natural it sounds. He could scarcely sound  more different when talking, yet there is nothing artificial about his singing. It’s charged, raw, authentic and powerful. So much so that it would be easy to forget his guitar work. The delicate finger-plucking proves the perfect accompaniment  to his fragile yet full vocals. Its Just My Skin adds songwriting to Ezra’s list of skills. Mellow restraint morphs into lung-bursting passion. It’s a slow build but that’s the beauty of it. Again, he manages to make the progression sound natural. Break Away is more full bodied. It has a warmer tone. Ezra’s vocals scythe through rippling guitar on their way to the same emotional peaks as before.

Ezra has been picked by the BBC as an Introducing Tip for 2013. These picks are often self-fulfilling prophecies. The BBC control a lot air time. They play their tips a lot. Said tips get plenty of exposure. They tend to do quite well. Sometimes this feels a bit contrived. In Ezra’s case it’s not a problem. His talent deserves all the exposure it gets. Testament to this comes from other quarters, namely Communion. He played their January show at Notting Hill Arts Club. It seems that almost everything with a folky flavour that they touch turns to gold. Here’s hoping it works for Ezra.