Josh Kumra


Josh Kumra first hit the scene back in 2011. He landed with a splash. More specifically, at number one with Don’t Go. It was a collaboration with Wretch 32 and a hard act to follow. It just worked. Josh sung a perfect hook, Wretch rapped tight verses, the beat was infectious and the production polished. It was a good way to start and got Josh onto a number of festival stages and some impressive support slots.

I saw him play one of those support slots: he joined Lianne Le Havas at The Junction for her rearranged gig. The venue did not do him many favours. It’s a wide, featureless black space. Its not easy to illuminate it on your own. It needs a lot of sound and intensity to fill the space, you can’t do that on your own. Despite all these disadvantages, Josh managed to captivate the large crowd. People connect with heartfelt songs. There was plenty of pain and love and loss to connect with throughout the set.

The Answer is his next single, characterised by melancholic minimalism. Keep On Walking offered some hope in place of the melancholy. Its a song for “when things seem like its to tough to go on.” It was the sort of stripped back track that is very affecting in your own time and space. That’s the situation it’s written for. It lacked a little momentum at The Junction. Waiting For You did not suffer from the same problem. It was a far fuller track with Josh’s reverb echoing throughout the room. The blues edge of his voice was the perfect accompaniment for a tale of pained heartbreak.

Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait is Josh’s début album. Its released in about a month. On the 15th of April to be precise. An appropriate release month for a record that is likely to see -saw between bright gospel hope and rainy blues. It’s an interesting proposition. Josh has a diverse mix of influences. If knitted together well they could result in a solid record: soul, pop, blues, soul and hip-hop could be mixed to produce something pretty special. The next challenge for Josh is to sound as enchanting live as he does on record.