Story Books

Story Books should have made their way onto this page months ago. Fortunately, they’re here now. It’s a interesting, if ridiculous notion that we feel as though we’re  late to post on Story Books, what with them having just been signed to the sublime Communion record label, and played a set at the Texan indie mecca that is SXSW. Such is the desire to get to things first that we felt we’d missed the boat, which just highlights how distorted music blogging is. This should not however overshadow Story Books’ quality, nor should our moaning be considered anything more than the disappointment that we didn’t show you these guys earlier, because they’re really going somewhere.

Story Books  hail from Kent and London, by which they presumably mean Kent then London. They create ominous, foreboding songs, thick with forlorn, prophecy and metaphor. Yet within the omens and darkened moods, the skilful building of sounds as each song progresses also provide a powerful, uplifting streak. One that keeps Story Books’ sound balanced brilliantly between the hopeful and the hopeless which is a balance that’s fascinating to swing between.

Their debut single All Those Arrows was the one the track that got us hooked, but it has since been removed from both their Soundcloud and website, though fortunately the darker than dark video still remains. We can only hope that it’s not been forgotten about. Fortunately in Simple Kids and Peregrine, two tracks still available on Soundcloud, there’s that same melancholic intensity that grabbed our attention and held us captivated. From lead singer and producer Kristofer Harris’ hauntingly frank vocals, to the eery strings and flashy guitars, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, that is if you like music that’s just as likely to darken your mood as it is brighten your day. Such is the nature of emotive and forlorn music, and Story Books are a brilliant example of it. With an EP set to come out on the 29th April, now’s as good a time as any to see how it hits you, that is, if you haven’t beaten us to it already.