The internet does funny things with geography. I first heard COASTS on Sunset’s Lay Me Down tape (which you should definitely download). Oceans is three and a half minutes of sun-soaked brilliance. I figured Sunset had picked up on some hot, up-and-coming act from the East Coast, boasting of their sunnier climes through the medium of music. Then it turned out COASTS were from Bristol. In the UK. Not far from us. And that I definitely should’ve heard of them already.

Paradise is the band’s debut EP. It’s out on 29th April on Tidal Records. Yes, the nautical references are beginning to get a little confusing. The band are called COASTS. Oceans was the first single.  Tidal Records are releasing the EP. Got it?

There’s a nautical feeling to the music too. The tropical keys on Oceans are the perfect soundtrack to a summer beach party. Your Soul follows on that party vibe. A laid back groove overlayed with big chorus: all tribal drums and soaring vocals. Its almost as absurdly catchy as Oceans. That is not to say it is not all fun and bounce. Stone brings Paradise to a reflective close. The riff driven chorus is still there but this time the vocals are pensive: “this is for life // pray for the time spent alone.” Its the EP opener that really steal the show though. Wallow shows just what the band are capable of. Where Oceans was brilliant in its simplicity it is Wallows complexity that makes it special. A slow, echoing start gives way to thrashed guitars littered with cries of “wallow in the middle, wallow in the mire, wallow in the fields when you’re feet are on fire.” Its powerful, dynamic and cathartic. With an EP this good, COASTS won’t be wallowing anywhere.