Eliza And The Bear – Friends


Eliza And The Bear are still really good at making music. Their latest single Friends is another infectious gem. Nothing new there then. What is rather more novel, is that we are writing about it. It’s been a pretty dry few months. The usual suspects are to blame: exams, holidays, life. It’s caused us to have a serious think about whether HMCMB is compatible with everything else we are up to. We’ve decided it is. We are going keep bringing you exciting new music. We have some great new sessions in store for you and we are stepping tentatively into the world of bookings. We hope you’ll stick with us. It will be worth it. Let’s just all still be Friends (see what I did there).

Back to the band at hand. We’ve been fans of Eliza & The Bear for a while now. We included them in our Songs Of 2012. We filmed some sessions with them in Cambridge, which we are currently adding the finishing touches too. During that time we also learnt that they’re also good blokes. It’s not a strict requirement for making good music but it is a nice bonus.

Friends is wonderfully, stompingly, upbeat. Driven be the flayed guitar riffs and soaring vocal harmonies we’ve come to expect from these guys. It’s a tale of youthful folly and exuberance: ‘we got love to share//when the water is too deep to swim we still swim’. Yet it remains anchored on the things that really matter. It’s a perfect narrative for the summer, littered with sea-faring and adventure. Get out. Enjoy it. And listen to this whilst you do.