Bipolar Sunshine


It was always pretty likely that we would be fans of Bipolar Sunshine here at HMCMB. Kid British were one of the first real bands that I got into that wasn’t already splashed over MTV2, on my dad’s CD rack or Nirvana. Instead they were found via Myspace after the Enemy (are they still around?) announced them as their support act for their Brighton show, in which they went on to upstage the headliners. Between that performance and a shared love of Soccer AM it was easy to fall for their cheery ska-pop. Bipolar Sunshine, the solo project of KB vocalist Adio was announced shortly after Kid British’ rather messy final gig. It is not a progression of Kid British, but a full affirmation of Adio’s talent, no doubt one of the most important factors in Kid British’s success.

Rivers, the first single released by Bipolar Sunshine some months ago is thick with honed drum beats and a catchy yet subdued chorus. Similarly in latest single Love More Worry Less a similar sound is achieved but with the similarities to Ghostpoet even more pronounced. This is no bad thing though, the sound Bipolar Sunshine has shown us thus far are both more accessible and potentially more diverse. The presence of guitar alongside the other synthesised components also point towards the potential for diversity yet to come from the supposed albums worth of material Bipolar Sunshine already has penned.

Things are also picking up currently for BP, between a slot at the iTunes festival, a support slot on Bastille’s 2014 tour and a spot on Polydor’s roster, it would seem that this is a success story for which the script has already been written. We can only hope that there’s plenty more music of this quality to enjoy as we watch it all play out.