HMCMB Sessions :: Peter & Kerry

You may be surprised to find out (unlikely given our recent lack of posting) that HMCMB is not our only past time, hobby or work. In fact, in turns out all members are at university. Because of this, we’ve been given the brilliant opportunity to film some sessions in and around Cambridge University, and more specifically for these Peter & Kerry sessions, St John’s College.

Now who watches videos for their backgrounds? No one I hear you cry. Fortunately then even if they were surrounded by drab greys and browns of a dingy back alley, Peter & Kerry would still sound great. They were supporting Lucy Rose some time ago when these were filmed and were kind enough to stop by and help us produce what we think are some of our best sessions yet. Look out for the redesign too and if you’re feeling real opinionated, let us know on Youtube what you think.