Sway Clarke II

Sway-Clarke-IISway Clarke II, or do we mean Frank Ocean II? Perhaps harsh to introduce an artist by his clearest inspiration but here we are. Fortunately from what there is to hear by Sway Clarke II regardless of similarities there’s a lot here to excite us. You may have heard him as the featuring vocals in Tinie Tempah’s emotional epic Tears Run Dry, though we didn’t.  We’ve only been able to stumble across two tracks by Clarke, an original and a cover, and both bristle with promise.

In Swimming Pools Sway Clarke takes an entirely new approach to Kendrick Lamar’s aural assault. Rap covers often make for difficult projects and Clarke’s emotional rendition atop aggressive, ominous bass lines makes it an almost entirely new track. Clarke, like our new favourite London act  D/C too falls into the booming genre of minimal R&B for which Banks holds the crown and throws it together with a quirky take on hip-hop culture that whilst not unique, nonetheless makes for great listening.

I Don’t Need Much is Sway Clarke’s first major release and track that has broad him a huge amount of attention so early on. It’s currently sitting on over 100,000 listens on Soundcloud and has bagged him some tour slots with the lovely sisters Haim (Check out his Facebook for his great way to announce this news). The track bounces between atop some major percussive elements whilst Clarke croons and cries his way through the simple tale of shallow hedonism and regret. It’s a refreshing take on the lives of rappers and celebrities we see today, for Clarke the simplest things are the best, so long’s the rents paid some ‘cigarettes and alcohol’, ‘cocaine’ and a ‘mean broad’ have him satisfied. Is there a deeper meaning here? The tone of the track would make you think so but who knows, perhaps when we get to hear more from Sway Clarke II all will become clear.