HMCMB Sessions :: Josh Doyle

A long while ago when HMCMB Sessions were just starting out, I was added by a lovely man called Anthony to a Facebook group full of budding amateur and professional videographers that shared a passion for filming live music. This group was both great for asking questions, spreading ideas and gaining constructive criticism. Now Anthony runs a great Youtube channel called Gems On VHS out of Nashville, Tennessee. One day he put to me the idea of a transatlantic collaboration and I jumped at the chance. We are soon to record a video for Gems On VHS but currently we have these gems from Josh Doyle to share with you.

It’s pretty clear that Josh is a charismatic guy with a great stage presence. He’s a Brit that’s made the move across the pond and was the previous lead singer of the late Dum Dums. Our favourite is his emphatic Swallow The World, but between the wonderful audio quality and videography both were a pleasure to edit and we hope you will like them too. Now, we need to go sharpen our skills if we’re going to ever give Anthony something of that quality to share.

Go check out the Gems On VHS channel and our collaborations below: