Holy Esque – Interview

Holy Esque

Holy Esque are a band that we’ve been excited about for a while. We aren’t the only ones either. With major blog support and performances at SXSW last year and a spot confirmed for this year Holy Esque would seem to be a  name at the top of lots of peoples’ 2014 lists. Just before they made the jump to Denmark to begin the recording of their debut album we got in touch to ask the guys about what we can hope to hear from them in 2014. Having vanished for a while during 2013 following the release of their eponymous EP and single St, their new release Silences has grabbed our imagination once more. It’s a track dominated by the same raucous vocals and huge guitar lines but with  sense of urgency and drive that has got us hugely excited once more for a more substantial release. Check out what they had to say about the album and 2014 below.

You’re off to Denmark to record your album, who are you working with and what made you want to head abroad for it?

We’re working with a Danish producer called Jon Schumann who is very familiar with this particular studio in Copenhagen so it made sense for us to make the trip. Aside from that, working in new places and settings is definitely healthy in terms of inspiration.

So you’ve just made a big reappearance with Silences, what was the thought process with having such a long time between releasing material

A combination of certain outside factors made it quite difficult for us to release anything before this point. We’ve been developing our sound quite substantially over the past year also.

You seem to have worked hard to hone a sound in your few releases, was that a conscious decision?

Definitely not, any sound or vision that happens within the band has always been a natural one so we never decided to approach certain releases in any sort of particular fashion.

And what does it mean for the album?

We’ll approach the album with the same attitude we would with any recording. One that’s open and willing to explore every possibility to make the best record we can.

Any word on festival season? Where can we hope to see you?

I’m sure we’ll manage to force our way into a few, whereabouts I can’t say!

How was SXSW and how did your appearance there come about?

We were invited over in the first wave of artists to be announced last year, it was an amazing experience and we can’t wait to return this year in March.

Whats the thinking behind your band’s name?

It’s the title for a project that we believe in, it shouldn’t be misinterpreted or perceived as some kind of romanticised religious ideal, because its not. It’s open to interpretation.

Anyone in particular you would you like to work with this year?

There aren’t any particular artists or producers we’d like to work with currently, we have to get our own game right first!

How does living in Scotland affect you as a band? Do you think it would be easier to make the jump down to London or is not something that has been a problem?

Making the move to somewhere like London simply wouldn’t be financially viable, it’s hard enough as it is in Glasgow. Aside from that aspect, there isn’t any immediate reason for us to move elsewhere. We go when we have to.

More and more bands seem to also really appreciate hip hop and what it brings to the table musically, I know you said you have different listening tastes, and from your sound am I correct in assuming hip hop and rap fall into that? 

Yes definitely, I think everyone in the band enjoys some form of hip hop or rap. In fact I know everyone loved Yeezus and Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Both albums were amazing.

In light of several successful collaborations and Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the grammy’s where do you stand on alternative/rap crossovers?

I’ve heard about his performance, however I’m yet to see it so I’m slightly uninformed. I guess that it really depends on the artists involved, for example I don’t think Kendrick Lamar rapping over ‘Silences’ would sound great!

Lastly, what are some bands you reckon we should check out at Hey Man Check My Band?

In terms of live bands – Golden Teacher and The Amazing Snakeheads