IyesHailing from Brighton and too insisting on the awkward capitalisation of their misspelt name, IYES have been at the epicentre of a frenzied storm of media hype following the release of only a few songs and cover. Admittedly what has been released , has been brilliant.

As seems to be a common theme on these pages of late, IYES consists of a boy/girl duo of Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová.

It’s pop with intelligent production but there’s a sense of purpose to IYES that we aren’t the only ones to notice. Between the huge vocal melodies and duets to the dance infused beats, IYES have an encapsulating aura. They utilise dynamic rises and falls, skating between powerful hooks and driving percussion as each track builds and builds. Til’ Infinity highlights this. An original track laden with hooks and an insistence that I hope that you remember me. The way they’re heading, there might not be much need for hope.

Now is the time to check out IYES. With major label attention and the kind of sound you can see dominating iPod speakers through to the Electric Ballroom, IYES are clearly set for big things. The members were previously in bands before, as many are, and you can tell. The sort of variety found on their cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love reeks of experience. From the Jai Paul-esque vocal element to Melis’ brilliant vocal rendition the cover takes a new life of its own that’s hard to ignore. IYES too might be riding the wave of dark, minimal pop, but they’re doing it fucking brilliantly. We are very excited for our fellow Brightoners, as you should be too. Check them out below. Or, you know, wait 6 months and tune in to Radio 1.