Daniel James



The Bridge is one of those tracks that grabs you immediately. It’s simple but it’s provocative. There a tried and tested framework to it. It bounds up and down, it rises and falls, all the whilst capturing your attention and drawing you into the story of his shared place. It’s based on a documentary from 1984 about youths in Seattle that have grown up far too quickly around drugs and alcohol, but for whom the bridge still holds a certain innocence. Or at least that’s what we’re told. Really though, it’s a track that can mean to you whatever you impose upon it, it’s emotive and endearing, and need not tell its own story. Is that the marking of a great song? Or is it the marking of a successful musical formula? As always, that’s for you to decide.

Daniel James is the man behind the track, as well as several others. The press release informs us he is off on tour with Hozier having come hot off the back of tours with Saint Raymond and Sam Smith. The support slots make sense but there’s no reason Daniel James shouldn’t be hosting his own headline tour soon. A Lonely Man, a demo track also available on his Soundcloud points to a larger sound akin to Hozier’s howls and shows Daniel to be a very competent vocalist whilst his b-side to The Bridge, Stand By Me shows him heading in a more cerebral electronic direction. Interesting certainly, but probably not as gripping, especially with such fierce competition in that field.

He’s set to make an appearance at this years Barn On The Farm, a must for fans of this indie/folk scene. Expect to hear more from Daniel James, all the pieces are there for something special.