Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou

Along with the many waifs and strays of the European travel circuit, Alice Phoebe Lou found herself in Berlin. She calls herself a street musician with a “social obligation to busk” just in case it makes someone’s day. I came across her in a Mauerpark and she definitely made mine. Street music can be exceedingly hit and miss, often more leaning towards the miss. So when you wander across someone that makes you stop, not just for a minute but actually sit down, you know it’s good.

Originally from South Africa, Alice has sung in every venue from U-Bahn stations to clubs. Her voice has a luminescent quality reminiscent of First Aid Kit, but she carries the melodies all alone, and with astounding perfection. She ranges from the ethereal and beautiful Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind to a more bluesy and soulful sound in other tracks, whilst Deep Blue Sea resonates with Laura Marling.

She plays in Mauerpark every Sunday and her mesmerising voice muses perfectly with the crisp autumnal mornings. Can’t quite make it to Berlin this week? Here are some links.

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