Fickle Friends @ Bestival


This is the final part of a week long series profiling our picks for Bestival 2015. You can check out all 5 acts now in rather fancier form on this standalone web page: (go on, take a look). 

Rarely has a name captured a band’s spirit so well. Upbeat songs crossed with bittersweet lyrics. A refreshingly c’est la vie approach to heartbreak set against sparkling synth pop. Fickle Friend’s have bottled something as infectious as it is disarming.

Swim launched the band into the upper echelons of the UK blogosphere. It was the perfect anthem for last summer and has now amassed almost a million soundcloud plays. Play was similarly anthemic, albeit with less synth and more beat. This year’s Velvet EP opens in a familiarly upbeat manner. The eponymous track is as smooth as it’s title suggests. Paris offers a glimpse of introspection before normal order resumes as the shimmering Shake Her brings things to a close.

This is music made to dance to, in a wonderfully carefree and flailing kind of way. Bestival seems like the perfect place for that. Its a match made in heaven. A little taste of which seems very fitting for a Summer Of Love.

[Listen on Soundcloud]