Strong Asian Mothers

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What a name. It tells you a bit about Strong Asian Mothers. Perhaps less about where they’ve come from but more about where they are: harnessing the zeitgeist with a healthy dose of infectious irony and a strong mix of influences.

Stay Down is glitchy, emphatic and catchy as hell. The live video is well polished and wonderfully intense. The choral harmonies serve as the perfect counter to Kalim’s vocals. The light show is spectacular, illuminating a meticulous set: shot through with vibrant patterns and neon splashes. The closing shot of Amer, Josh and Kalim set against their Dalston-sourced fabrics and clutching a Persian cat has tongue firmly set in cheek.

Despite the (excellent) name, there is considerable substance to their Lynx Africa EP. Out Of Love is a glorious pop single, fuelled by the cathartic release that can accompany the end of a stale relationship. It’s big band meets synth. Kalim’s vocals bounce atop a rising brass section. The More That I continues in a similar vein. Punchy horns and a soaring chorus, it’s brilliant fun live. Megabucket booms forth as momentous as it is unsettled. The erratic synth of Stay Down makes a welcome return as Kalim cries across a luminous soundscape. It certainly lit up the crowd at their EP launch at the Sebright Arms.

The encore left little doubt as to their influences. A hip-hop homage: from Kendrick to Lil Wayne via Dead Prez. It made for a powerful tonic when mixed with electronica, big band and considerable polish. Lynx Africa is an excellent EP that sounds even better live. If you can get along to Secret Garden Party to see Strong Asian Mothers, you should.