The Hey Man, Check My Band (HMCMB) story began way back in June 2010 and has grown to the extent that trying to explain who is involved in a single paragraph is likely to get a little messy. If you’re interested, there is a list at the bottom but our mantra is probably more interesting.

The HMCMB mantra is to get great music heard by as many ears as possible. Whilst perhaps in years past, the great bands and artists of their times rose to prominence, today there are thousands of great acts that fall foul of the industry, whilst others rise to dizzying heights through media backing and advertising. This is where we try to come in; be it through the blog directly with introductions, reviews and interviews, through our acoustic sessions, through material used by the likes of The Guardian, NME and Pitchfork or through our bi-monthly podcast in association with Recharged Radio. We aim to spread the word on bands, artists and collectives that we believe would enrich the listening of people worldwide, acts worth sharing, in a bid that they too can reach those dizzying heights… Or just because we love their music, and think you would too. Parallel to our aims of helping out artists, this blog is of course dedicated to the readers, you may find things you like, things you love, and sometimes things you’re not so keen on. What we hope though is to guarantee  that every time you visit us you’re greeted with a personable and enjoyable array of artists from a diverse range of genres, along with some way of listening to and/or downloading the music we speak about.

Tom: Founder, Editor In Chief, Videographer

Will: Founding Member, Assistant Editor, Business Head

Pete: Founding Member, Contributor

Ruby: Contributor

Rob: Photographer (www.rmaynardphoto.com)

Tom D: Audio Technician

Robbie: Animations

Josh: Artwork

Downloads: All music for which the track name is underlined is available for download. All you need do, be you Mac or PC, is right click and choose either “Download Linked File…” or “Save Link As…” from the menu.  Then choose where you wish to save the file, or, in cases when not given this option, find the file in your “Downloads” folder. If its a soundcloud link there should be a little download arrow embedded. Finally, enjoy the fact you can now take your HMCMB approved music with you on the go.

Disclaimer: All links posted are intended to excite your ears beyond measure. If you do enjoy the tracks on offer then please support the artists by buying their CD or visiting a band friendly online store. You could even see them live. Just a suggestion. Regardless, if there is any music posted that you feel shouldn’t be, then email us at [email protected] and the link will be banished from the site for all eternity.